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It was very nice to meet you at metro hospital.thank you for you fine music.I have your first cd and look forward to your next.

Awesome to meet you@ blue Jazz.. Such a talent, such a wholesome person.. God has shown favor young man

We were at your concert in Akron enjoy it so much thank you God bless looking forward to the time we can see your next show

Hey Alvin, I haven’t visited the site in a while so I thought I’d drop by and show some love ❤️.

Caught your set today @ Luke Easter Park.. Enjoyed the energy, originality,and context of your music. I too am a seasoned Cleveland Ohio born and bred Songwriter/Musician/Vocalist-Wanted to encourage you to keep steppin out on your faith...Refreshing to see someone else not settling for the norm" Your Music stood out and spoke today! God Bless u Bro! Don Reaves

you are an incredibly talented music artist! Thank you so much for coming to play at Metro, we enjoy your music EVERY time! God bless on your new journey

Hello, Alvin! Thanks, to my friend and fellow skater , Sam introducing me to good music, I heard about you. It's a beautiful thing when an aspiring and successful Clevelander achieves their dreams locally and nationally. I love the song and video, "Better"! Music that I can relate to, with meaning, and a good groove, is alright with me. I look forward to attending a performance... Congratulations, Wishing you continued success!

So many words could describe this man's music fresh, talented , fantastic we def need more music like this around wishing you all the best in your journey, and may you succeed on al your endeavors god bless from me and us @J&J productions Jeanette & junito

You are a great vessel of the revelation God has blessed you with to express HIs Love and Faith in relationships and life. I love the song "Better". Look forward to hearing more inspired songs and watching your giftings shine on the silver screen.

Please keep me posted of the all upcoming concerts. Thank you.

You are such an amazing talent, cant wait to see future performances!

Alvin, I am not sure, but if I am correct, I went to school with your father, Alvin Frazier in Augusta, Ga. We attended Immaculate Conception Catholic School together for several years. Wow, you look so much like him! I hope that I am right. At any rate, I will definitely support you in your music. You have been blessed with an awesome gift. I hope that you will get in touch with me. Happy New Year!

I just love this guy, "This Xmas" song with Lanice was great, I love "Something to remember" with my girl Cass, I ask my buddy you know who made this song, he listened and he was like, The Chi Lites? BAM

Hi Alvin! Very nice website, packed with info about your music, songwriting & acting-triple threat in the house! Love your music, from your amazing vocal skills & how you incorporate R&B, Smooth Jazz & Gospel into your jamz. Keep up the amazing work my friend!

How did you make this blog look this good! Email me if you want and share your wisdom. Id appreciate it.

Nice article. Thanks for sharing this interesting post with us. I enjoy at the time of reading this article. You have done a good job by sharing this post with us. Keep it up.

Alvin ! ... This is such a wonderful website and I wish you more than all the Joy and Success that you ever dreamed of as you walk the journey God has placed before.

Hey Sweets! Just dropping by to say hello. The site looks great. I am enjoying the new CD, I think Chase plays it more than me. I told him to get his own copy...lol Love you...

Hi Alvin. just stopped by your page to wish you much continued success. Happy to See everything working out for you. I am enjoying watching you become a household favorite. Stay humble and keep that warm inviting kind spirit that you have. best wishes sweetie. ..Chanrra

You are AWSOME! I wish u the best in all that you do!!

Wishing you the very Best!

simply stopping by to say hi

I was here! I pray God's absolute best for you!

Just heard your song on the Wave, I am planning to see you at nighttime on the 12th. Great voice so refreshing I loving you! MJ

Hey Alvin! I first meet you at Milton's, then at the Rec, Howard Murphy introduce me to you! Your a very humble person. Do your thing man!!! I love your sound! I will be buying your cd! May God continue to bless you and yours!

Even though I only know you for a short perod of time ,but I just wanted to let you know that I'm a supporter of local talent among others throughout Cleveland .Keep doing what your doing and never stop !!!!!!!

I really enjoyed listening to your music, I am looking forward to your new CD -mlew

I love your new Website design!!!

So happy for you and all of your success!! Yes!! :-)

hey man.. great work.. I know how much you put into this and how long it took... finally.. The wait was worth it.. Great work!

Praying that God cotinues to bless this journey for you. Glad I can say I remember you when. Im blessed by what God is doing in your life. Its always nice to see someone have a dream and stick with it long enough to see it to fruition. From the attic on Superior to CD players around the world. Keep on doing what you doing.

God bless you!!! Keep on making great music!

Great music!! I can't wait to get my CD out there!!

I like it......Good luck!!!!!

It feels really good to hear great music, original music...looking forward to hearing more.

I heard you at Cleveland Clinic Tuesday. Very nice session. I'll check your calendar often.

Impressive website and most of all enchanting music.

I love the groove and the flow..Yeah, I digg it!! Peace and Love!!

Hi my friend. How have you been Mr. alvin frazier? It's been a long time since East High, but I just wanted to stop by and show some love.

Very, very nice my friend! Big Congrats!

Simply awesome! You have accomplished so much in your music career. I'll definitely be buying the CD and catching one of your shows! Be blessed...a young brotha' with an old school soul!

Loving the music and planning to purchase the CD! Hoping to see you soon perfroming! Congratulations and may the Lord contiue to bless you!

Love your music!

Hey Brother!!! Love your site:) Miss and love you!!!

Thank you for sharing your gift of music and your love of Christ! Many blessings!

Enjoyed your site...Will drop by again.

alvin I love your music. The great personality and the holy spirit that is on you, I feel you have became a great man of God .You are wise and smart. God bless you and the family. Love you always

Wow Alvin! You keep raising the bar. So proud to know you and to be allowed to watch God's Blessings in action. Thanks for always supporting black marriage by giving me and hubby great events to attend together! Congrats Brother!

Hi Alvin, This is an awesome site! Looking forward to hearing you all perform at Opus. May God continue to bless you and your bands!!!

Hey,Bro I'm Definately impressed and excited what God has in store for you Bro.Keep doing what you doing and it's all gonna pay off.Much Love,3

Hey Alvin!! I came to check out your Calendar of events, a busy man you are :)It goes to show, how GREAT you are at your craft. I'm glad to know and have worked with someone as talented and as passionate as you are about EVERYTHING you do. Keep up the wonderful work good friend. God Bless!

Hi. It's Derrick's mom!

Proud man of God. It's so good to hear expressions of love that could only have been inspired by God.

Enjoyed your songs and website. Very nice...we're lucky to have so many talented musicians at NCBF.

Hey Alvin, I am so glad to see what doors the Lord is opening. I knew there were great things in store for your future. But, wait theres more..lol Keep pushing and reaching for the stars. God bless-Redeemed


I miss you is my favorite song. Lil Sis loves you. Keep up the good work!!!!

I enjoyed checking out your site! And, you have a wonderful voice...wish I could've heard you sing the night we met! :) Best of luck to you!

I am impressed and inspired at your ability to intertwine faith and love. Listening to your music has been nothing but a pleasurable and uplifting experience. I look forward to working more projects you and supporting your future endeavors. God bless you.

Hello Alvin, I was listening to "I miss you", and I thought of someone very special. Praying for you and your family and encouraging you to continue to press into Him.... Ms. Nadia~

Hey Alvin, Glad to see you are still doing music..You were always talented.

Great Music

Really enjoyed the show last night at Restaurant Europa! Didn't even realize that was you singing, it's been a long time since Hts, lol! Glad to see God's blessing on your life, AND you're actually using them to make REAL MUSIC! Stay up bruh, JB

Hello Alvin- I saw your group in Canton at the Cantonian on 02/12/2011 and really enjoyed the evening. You all have a God talent and keep doing what you do!!!! Thank you for playing Ledisi for me :) Take care and God Bless. Hope to see you in Canton again. Melissa

Alvin, Great site, I come here to stay abreast of all the new projects you have going on. still looking forward to the day you can make it down here to Virginia Beach. I know the folks here are gonna love your music. Keep up the walk for our Father, you are a very special talent, doing great works for our savior Jesus Christ. Your Friend, 8 Ball "What about US!!!" Reynolds

You make beautiful music. I am a new fan of yours.

Really diggin' you!!

I like your sound. Polished. I really like that it's positive music. The world needs more things that are positive. Thanks for all the work you must have put into your art. Thank you for sharing it with the world. Drew www.drewjarrod.com

Big Cousin keep doin your thing. I'm behind you 100%. Much Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loving it.....(smile)

I really enjoy your work. We go way back and I'm just so happy for you. You deserve all the blessings you receive.

Hi Alvin!!!! Just wanted to stop by and say hello.... I really enjoyed the interview, the songs, and your focus with this particular project. Looking foward to seeing you in concert soon... Peace, Ms. Nadia~

Hey Frazier!! Just wanted to stop by and show support. Keep on doin your thing and be blessed. And I certainly did not forget the big day: Happy Birthday to you, happy bithday to you, happy birthdayyyy dear Alvinnnn, happy birthdayyyy tooooo youuu!!! Love ya.


Hello Alvin, I just wanted to say that I have still been enjoying Love & Faith Vol. I since it 1st came out, and can't wait to hear what you have for 2010! Please post new dates and venues, as I have just missed your spot at Earth on Jan. 21st. Thank you for something new and wonderful in delivering the LORD'S message. Sis. Stephanie Armstrong

Hey You! Just stopping by to give you two thumbs up on the enhancements you have done with your site. Great work! Holla when you need a v.o. (LOL) I wish you continued God speed and always mad success!

Hey U!! Just listening to your music. I was too lazy to go get my CD out of the car...lol Keep bringing it. You're doing an awesome job. Love you, Raquel

Nice songs alvin. I love them all even the acapella versions. Continue to do your thing man!

Al!!! I am impressed! I am truly proud of you and your success so far. Keep it up baby!!!

Wow who knew??? Go head Mr.Frazier your doing your thing. It does my heart good to see a young man doing his thing. Warm wishes and blessings. XO

I like the new "Joshua" promo picture,you guys look GREAT!!! I also like the changes you made to the site.........it's looks very nice. Love TaQueina

YOU HAVE DONE VERY GOOD WITH YOUR SITE!!! I wish you continued success. May God CONTINUE to POUR OUT BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOUR BAND!!! Much Love and God Bless You Alvin!!!!!

WOW!!! To God be the glory! I feel proud right now. Alvin, I will keep you in my prayers that God will continue to open doors for you to be a blessing to others and to do all that He has for you to do. This is beautiful, just browsing this site I can see that you have a great passion for what you do. Keep God first and the rest will continue to follow. Love you!

good stuff bra real good stuff

I love this website!!!

Im lovin it Alvin!!!! The combination of Love and Faith is much needed in the Christian community. It makes me want to be in love..... Lol! Awesome keep up the good work. I will be getting my copy and sharing it with my friends. Be blessed as always.

I appreciate the gift that God has placed inside you. I'm looking forward to seeing great things come to pass in this season of your ministry. Stay blessed and prosperous!

Hey Alvin! Wow....I'm so excited about where your gift is taking you! Your music definitely blesses all who listens to the message within...May He continue to guide your path in greatness... looking forward to the 17th! God Bless!


Hey Babe, I finally got a chance to check out the updated site. It's great. Your site is definitely a reflection of your style. Keep bringing it. Your breakthrough is within your reach. Be blessed. I love you! Raquel

Hey! I love the intro music. This site is really nice. Looking for big things to come from your ministry! God Bless.

Hi Alvin: I am so very VERY VERY proud of you. From what I know of you, your website has captured who you are as a person. You have developed into such a wonderful musician - honing your craft and taking God's lead. Your music is BEAUTIFUL...and I mean that. Not just because I may be a little biased ;-). It is meaningful, rich, and full of your warm spirit. Thanks for bringing some real music with the soul and dignity that is ABSENT from most of the vulgarity that has plagued the airwaves in recent years. With Love and Admiration, Melissa :-)

Hello, Great site with great music! I love it!!!

Mr. Frazier, I'm so glad I stopped by today! I really appreciate the great work that's gone into this site which is an indication of your musical standard, as well. I look forward to seeing a live performance real soon and am believing God with you for the "above and beyond". In Him in Love, E.dkward

Hey Alvin! I'm just stopping by to show some love! God bless you fam.

It is awesome to see how God has blessed you! He is blessing in our camp as well. We will see you soon. Keep the Faith. In His Care, The Carter Family

hi love, I haven't been on the site in a while. I thought that it was time for me to stop by and be inspired. Your music has that effect.(smile) Keep up the hard work. I'm looking forward to Night Town 2009! love you!!! Raquel

Hey Alvin and Joshua, I really enjoyed watching and listening to you all jazz it up this past Saturday at Crocker Park. What a nicely added benefit to one of my favorite places to visit. Your sounds were a nice prelude to what I pray will be a great summer. I pray the Lord's absolute best blessings upon you, the group and all of you all's musical endeavors.

I enjoyed listening to your group on Saturday, May 23, at Crocker Park. Great sound! Hopefully, I will see the group again. God Bless!

Awesome website filled with great information & music! The videos are neat too!


Hey Alvin,it's your biggest fan Brenn from ya myspace friends. Just wanted to say thank you for the real music you do and keep God it in..U are so inspirational..I Miss U..I'm feeling that!! Love you my brother in Christ..Again Thank U So Much~~

Hey Frazier, Just wanted to stop by and say hello!! I'm so proud of you. This is simply awesome. My fav is still "I Miss You" The Big B-Day is coming soon! LOL Love Ya!! Keep In Touch

Hi!!! Very good site Hello! :))

Hey Frazier, I just wanted to stop by and show you some love into the new year. The Lord is working wonders through you. Keep up the hard work. I'm looking forward to L&F Vol. 2. I'm very proud so you. I love you. Always, Raquel

I'm soooooooooo proud of you Alvin! I did not know you were that deep into music. It is also very beautiful that you are giving God all the credit. He will continue to bless you!

Hey Alvin: I caught your show Saturday at the Beachland with my nephew's group "Malachi3".I was very impressed with your performance. You have a new fan in me! I think you all have a strong stage presence that is very professional and I'm sure it will take you all a long way. I'm looking forward to seeing you in concert again! Butchieboy

Hey! I'm loving what I hear! I will make sure I pick up a copy asap and hope to attend one of the shows soon. Keep doing your thing because you do it well! Your Fan, Jocelyn

Hey,Al It's me again checking out the site again, it still looks great, although brown is my favorite color so I'm kinda bias but anyway just droppin'thru to show my love for u and your music, may the best be yet to come!!!!Love the new pictures!!! TaQueina

Very nice site. I enjoy your webcam. Beautiful scenery! Keep up the great work.

Hey Bro. Elijah introduced us at the b-side. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Your music is right on Doc!

Hello! Would like to extend congratulations to you with the coming new year!

Hey Alvin, I met you at the HOB's in cleveland. Man, I love your CD!!! You are an AWESOME, GIFTED, ANOINTED, and most of all...HUMBLE artist/musician. God Bless You in your every endeavor. And thanks for allowing God to use you as a vessel for His ministry, it has helped me alot. Hopefully, (im an artist myself), one day I will do the same.

Hey brotha! Remember me? Can't wait to get up to Cleveland to see you hit again.. Holla at me.. Erique Troi

Hey Alvin, I just came across your site. Looks good. I will attempt to contact you later. I see you have a performance on 11-13.

check out my page on myspace not as tight as this!!! this is beautiful be encouraged my brother and my friend !!!!!

My God My God use who you will. It is a heaven sent blessing that God has blessed you I lift you in prayer as you continue to sow melodies of glory to his name!

I love the website. It is put together really well. Glad to see that you followed your passion.


Hello Alvin, Wow, I knew the first time I heard your music at Rainbow Book Store in Maple Heights, Ohio with Vonnette that you were blessed and your destiny is for greatness...!!! May God continue to Bless and Keep you,and congradulations to you and all your sucess. Simone Scott

Hey baby. Congrats on your success! Glad to see everything is going your way

Hi! Very good site! Very much it to be pleasant to me. Please visit page my site: http://sparja.ru/page.php?p=gribtrutovik

Hello Mr. Frazier, I just stopped by to say hello. I've visted both of your websites. The layouts are great and the pictures are very nice. I see that God is continually blessing you. Keep Him first!! Love, Ms. Spates

Just wanted to send good wishes your way. Love the"Queen"


Alvin, I just purchased your album at iTunes!! Your music blew me out!! You're GREAT GREAT GREAT!!! Such a talented artist. Too bad I don't have a CD booklet to find out who's writing & performing etc. Also I'd like to see all lyrics!!!!! I am looking forward to the "Vol. 2"!!! -Morito

Hey Alvin, Love your new website, pics and songs! Miss singing and ministering with you. Seems like such a long time ago. Would love to book your band, keep in touch! In Him, Margo

Twenty years ago I saw your potential to do great things. I'm proud to call you my friend. The website is awesome. Your music is truly annointed. It has touched my heart in so many ways. Your faith is noticeably strong. I love you... Keep striving!!

Minister Frazier,Awesome website, I thank God for you my brother, it is truly a blessing to see a man so humble, whose heart is so in sync in the Lord! Scripture has shown me that annointed music is a mysterious but potent spiritual tool, it is a marvelous means of worship, biblical aid for prophecy and a dynamic weapon of spiritual warfare. I recently hosted a wedding reception for my sister in North Carolina and ministered with your CD and my poetry and turned a worldly reception into a day of deliverance! Glory be to God! I am so grateful how God has used you as one of the vessels to minister to me, since I came to Cleveland. Already praising God for volume 2!!!! Love You Praying Without Ceasing  

Hey Babe, The Website looks great! Love you

Hello! I'm Samuel Smith, I'm from Switzerland and I find your site to be really brilliant!

Hi Alvin. I was just checking out your website to see what's going on in your world. I am so proud of what you've accomplished with your music and your career. Keep up the GREAT work. One more thing...I love the pictures!!

Hi Alvin, I wanted to thank you for playing at our 5 year anniversay party at the civic center on March 15th 2008. The music was great and people are still asking me "Who Was That Band". Congratulations on your new cd and hopefully we'll be able to see in in concert around Cleveland this summer. Take care and be blessed.

The good convenient site is made.

Hello! Excellent site! Searched a long time.

Can't stop playing your CD!!! You're still my favorite local artist(inside joke) but seriously a brother has gone international!!!When are your upcoming local shows, if any? Stay focused and grounded. K.I.T. TaQueina P.S. Show me the So Glad

Hi Alvin, wanted to say hello again. You have such a smooth voice and the musical abilities God has given to you are many. Multi-talented I should say. I send blessings and major music breakthrough to come your way. It would have been very enjoyable to sing with you as a Pella,but I am one to understand the personal music drive and calling in or out of a group. God is always opening new doors to reach others with what we have. Peace and love. Hope to see you up for a DOVE someday!

Thanks for coming all the way out to "Our Tropical Paridise" Diego Garcia. "What About Us!!!" Keep the Hits Coming. Keep your eye on your dreams, Remember how hard you worked to get where you are now, and NEVER forget where you came from. Take Care, and Good Luck

WOW!!!Japan That's a good look I admire your strength and courage. You've come a long way from singing in the halls at East High. Make your moms proud (I'm sure she is) so am I. Thanks for being a great friend! May the Lord always shine his light on you. Good Luck! TaQueina

Good site Good luck the web designer.

Hey Alvin, We wanted to let you know you are in our prayers and we pray that your event will be blessed this evening. Keep allowing God to use you in the awesome way that he is. Blessings, Ryan & Shawnda

Congratulations, Man of God. This Cd is so anointed. You are destined for greatness. Stay Humble!! Redeemed-Power Radio 1000- The Praiziness Station in the Nation

Congratulations Alvin!!!!! I am sooo happy and proud of you! I wish all the sucess, blessings and all the love you can possible hold! God Bless!!

Hey, Yvonne told me about your tour in Japan, Congratulations. Hope to see you Saturday.

Hey Alvin, Thanks for ministering with us this past year! You are truly gifted and will touch many with your music. A professional through and through. I pray all God's best for you in '08. Keep in touch! Much love & blessings, Ryan - aka: boss-man

very good , useful site www.alvinfraziermusic.com

hay!! good project :) senks :)

Just wanted to say hello and God bless! Wishing you and yours happy holidays. Love TaQueina

I'm so blessed that our paths have crossed. You are such a spiritual inspiration. Love and Faith is not only original but brilliant. Listening to the cd brings hope and makes me smile. Thanks!

Alvin I enjoyed you immensely at the Night Town the show was great! Keep up the good work. God Bless.

Hey Alvin God Bless you and your ministry. Just wanted to let you know that you have made the Artist of the week on my website, www.djmikearuba.com For what i have hear on your website,musically is tight and blessed. Would be good to hear from you. Once again, Congrats for making the Artist Of The Week.

Just stopping by to say hello and God will always bless you for your obedience to him. That's that fire!

I'm know I'm a little late- I'm visiting the site for the very first time!! Everything looks great! Keep the Lord in your plans and everything you do will prosper! Your "other lil' sis", Cynethiel

Praise the Lord !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is totally what's up!!!!!! Keep doin yo thang!!!!

Alvin, Got received my copy of the project. Man, I gotta say this is brilliant. It certainly has that old school flavor and is definitely laced with the gospel message - the unconditional love of our Savior. I am humbled to know Him and blessed to have met and worked with you. I pray your success with this and all future projects.

Alvin, you sing the soundtrack of my life! If you happen to venture Europe, ya' know, there're a ton of small, funky clubs in London where singer/songwriter folks do their things . . . just sayin' . . . best wishes. . .

Hey Alvin, Just thought I would send a quick note to say congrats on your new project and website. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with you on numerous television ventures where you have supported and been committed to another man's vision. I am ecstatic that your vision has finally been birthed and after speaking with you this past weekend I am even more overjoyed at the response you and your band are receiving internationally. The Lord's anointing upon you and the musical gifts and talents of your group is sure to carry you each to heights beyond what one can only dream. I celebrate you today and your continued success.

I think you're just the greatest! Heard 'I Miss you', and I think your songs are amazing and beautiful :) love them. x

nice accapella version. keep up the good work.

Bro Alvin, Congratulations on your Album release. Great music! from a great guy. May the Anointing (Christ) rest upon you and the band members as you serve Him with your whole heart. Pastor Mc

Congrats on the release of your CD, Al--it's great!!! I am so proud of you! Keep up the great work, Al! Much love, Niecy

May God bless you and good luck with all of your future endeavors.

~Truly An Artist ~ Alvin once again congrats on your new accomplishment your album is truly a pleasure to ones ear. Your music is GREAT but then again when one is anointed greatness streams through like a flood. Do yo thang ~Do yo thang :0)

great music! great website! many congratulations & success M. Smith *CRSC* remember?

Hey Alvin, I couldn't believe it when I saw your myspace page. I am very impressed and had no idea you could sing like that. I just wanted to say congratulations on your CD release and I already bought one, lol. Don't be surprised if you see me visiting your church one Sunday. God Bless!

I can't believe that I am just now checking out your website after being on your myspace page on numerous occassions. I am, as always so amazed at your God- given talents. Keep God first, pray, fast, stay focused and continue to allow the Lord to use you to be a blessing to me and others. You know I love you.

Cousin Al. Congrats on all of your many accomplishments. I as well as the rest of the family am extremely proud of you. God bless and keep up the great work. With much love, Malik

Alvin, I never knew you had all of this in you when I first met you at Keybank. The website is nice and the music is beautiful. Remember to keep God first because without Him we would be nothing and none of this would have been possible for you. I wish you the best in your endeavers. Congratulations on your CD, I will be purchasing one. God Bless!

Alvin, I finally tapped into your website.. of course it's great.. I am so proud to have you as a friend and I support 100%+... Your music is inspirational and is definitely anointed.. I am looking forward to God blessing beyond comprehension.. Get ready.. and don't limit God.... He only has the BEST for you.. stay humble..THE BEST IS YET TO COME!


What an tribute and praise to God you are sharing with everyone whose life you are touching. Congratulations Alvin, you bring gladness to my heart! Keep doin' With you in thought & prayer, ~ Gail

You are one of my dearest friends and you accomplished so much. I'm very proud of you. Keep doing what you're doing. Love Ya, Raquel

Hot site al, Its good to see your vision in action, stay prayed up...God Bless

Great album, but what can you say when it's straight from the HEART of GOD! I wish I could get in some of those pics/videos (laughgter). Well, I guess I betta get back to work doin' what I do best - pics/video! Love ya bro!!!!

Nice website! I pray God's richest blessings upon you!

Love the site, Love the Music, Love you!!!

Love the CD, I can't wait until your next project. I will be one of your first customers.

Congratulations my brother,the site looks real cool. Keep working hard and it will pay off! God Bless

Congratulations, the website looks great. ………….Peace

I'm very happy and excited that you are doing your thing. I really like your website and I will get you cd soon. Best wishes.

THe site looks great. I picked up the cd and I love it. Keep up the excellent work! Tell the family Hello for me. GOD BLESS YOU

Yo Wassup man God Bless!! I really, really wish you the best!! I wish I can just get an autograph...lol. Much Love! Andre

Al, I am so happy where God is leading you. Keep him first and he will do the rest.

Alvin, its great to see that you got your web page up and running. I am happy for you. Sorry I wasn't able to make it to your cd release party, but let me know when you will be having another get together. Peace brotha, keep the love & the faith.

Thank you for stopping by! Please come again!!

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