I was looking back over my career thus far as well as reviewing my website. I am so thankful for all that God has done. It has truly been amazing. Most of the press I've received has been relegated to my work as a vocalist, but I am also an accomplished musician as well. I enjoy the Gospel and I LOVE Jazz! I get lost in it's subtle complexities. Jazz has made me a better musician and The Joshua Trio (my jazz group) gives me the opportunity to flex my skills as a bassist and guitarist along with allowing me to express my compositional skills in a different way. Music IS a universal language, but it is also a ministry tool not just through vocals but instrumentally as well. I've learned in my journey through music just how powerful music can be even when there are no words present. Your heart plays a big part in this. For those of us who are believers we should have the heart of God and if that is so it will be reflected in all that we do. No, I'm not saying you will always do the right thing all the time, but what is on the inside will be reflected on the outside. If our heart is for God then that will be evident through our words and works.

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