Man, oh man the challenges life will bring. No matter what don't change your course. Adversity doesn't come to necessarily sway you but to test you and more specifically your faith. I made the leap of faith to move to New York last year and I love it there but it had some serious difficulties. I assumed that since I was instructed to move there HE would allow everything to fall into place right? Wrong, not quite. There were way more positives than negatives but not as ideal of a situation as I anticipated. I felt a sense of security as long as I had a gig then all of a sudden the "SOULmate?" stage play tour that I starring in ended abruptly midway though the tour. How could this happen? We were a HIT! No time to focus on that what do I do now? I'm living in NY without a gig. There's quite a bit I'll leave out for now but the short version is that I got some calls back home in Cleveland for work and I accepted. The thought of having to return to work was discouraging and I felt like I had failed but on the other hand it was home and I had a solid network to book work while I readjusted my plan for NYC. It's been cool to be back temporarily and work consistently but it's also allowing me to complete my next album and reactivate my bands. It's been a very productive time so as I prepare to return to New York in a few months I'll have some additional things under my belt that will be beneficial to reconvening this next chapter. The moral of the story is a delay isn't a denial. Trust the process. God will not go back on His promises. In the meantime, I'll be getting myself prepared to continue my life in the Big Apple...

Almost let the day get by without mentioning an important milestone. I can hardly believe it's been 10 years! When I first got the instruction I struggled for over 6 months with it because I was like most people committed to "job security" & "financial stability". My first album had been released and all I could think about was how to promote it. God was saying it was time for me to leave my job in corporate America but I had bills and responsibilities and I didn't live in a ...fantasy world because I was a musician. I was still a realist.

However, the weight of fighting God was crushing me and I finally let go. Some family and friends thought I was crazy and it came with great sacrifice but I wouldn't change it. I'm so glad I didn't let other's opinions change my mind. It took courage, faith and commitment to do it and here I am. Life still happens like everyone else's but it's much better when you're doing what you love. I encourage you to be bold enough to go after your dreams...This is MY Independence Day!!

I don't remember a whole lot about November 11, 1988. What I do remember is the image of leaving the casket that contained my 37 year old father's body sitting alone in the rain as the funeral procession departed the cemetery. The internment had to be delayed because of the amount of rain that day. Being so overcome with grief it was extremely difficult for me to tell or even recall how badly it rained because I was crying so uncontrollably. The relationship I had with my dad was a very close one. When I look over old photos of he and I, it's very apparent of the connection. Those weren't posed photos. They really showed how I felt about him.

This can't be stressed enough in a society where people have images coming at them at every turn. When promoting your brand, product, event etc. ask yourself these questions, "Does this have appeal beyond family and friends?" "How does this compare to similar ads?" You want it to standout because it looks good, not because it looks bad...

I've been songwriting and producing for over 25 years and it's still a beautifully complicated process. As a songwriter for hire your focus is writing a HIT single for someone. As an album songwriter or producer the goal isn't to produce an album with all HIT songs.

A couple weeks ago I had probably the most amazing night of my life. I went to New York City to attend the world premier of the Miles Davis bio-fic (I just made that up) "Miles Ahead" directed and starring Don Cheadle along with Ewan McGregor, Emayatzi Corinealdi & Keith Stanfield as it closed the NYFF53.

My day began in a somewhat of a melancholy mood as thoughts of my dad ran through my mind and how much I miss him. There are so many days I wish I could pick of the phone and call or take a drive to go see him to seek his advice or wisdom about the things I go through as a man. He was so transparent and I appreciated that about him. I always got a little emotional whenever we had to part from my first day of kindergarten until I was a teenager. I loved him just that much. A perfect man he wasn't but he was a good man with a good heart. He was and still is my hero. Our journey together in this life ended when he was 37 and I was 13. I was shattered because being a forward-thinking young man I knew how important my father was to me. In that short 13 year period I had with him he taught me so much about life and music. Things that have remained with me over 25 years later.

8 years ago today I lost my "old" life to gain a "new" one by making the most important decision of my life. That decision was an exchange of sorts. I gave that "old" life to Jesus Christ and in return HE gave me a renewed life in Him. The path that had lead me to that point on the evening of December 31, 1995 was one that brought me to ruin.

I can tend to be very stubborn and strong-willed and God pressed me to the breaking point to save me from myself. When I made that long walk down the aisleway of the church to accept the Lord Jesus as my personal savior I made a vow to myself that come what may I would serve Him.

Many testings of my faith has come since then. Some were so painful that I considered disavowing what I had chosen to believe on that night, but the spirit and power of GOD that lives within would not allow it to be so and has kept me through it all. HE has been my ROCK. When my character, attitude, circumstances, career and relationships have been inconsistent HE has remained consistent along with being sovereign, long-suffering, faithful, forgiving and loving. When I fail, HE yet redeems me. I am thankful for the cleansing blood of Jesus.

New Year's Day for me is more than just being alive to see another year which is a blessing in itself, it is a commemoration of when I came out of the darkness of my former life and into the marvelous light of my new one... To GOD be the Glory


25 years ago today the Lord chose to call a hero home, my dad Alvin J. Frazier. I've never felt more lost in this life than I did on that fateful day. I remember thinking to myself being 13 at the time, "What's gonna happen to me now that daddy's gone?" I had been the man of the house for a few years by then and now I would be the man of the family. A lot to shoulder for a young man.

In the short 13 years I had with him, he shared so many things with me and those things have helped shape the man I've become. He was very transparent with me exposing flaws and even admitting mistakes so when I use the term "hero" it wasn't because he was perfect because he wasn't but he was honest and I loved him even more because of that. That's part of the man he was. My father always said and expressed how much he loved my sister and I whenever we saw or spoke with him. He made sure that we knew he loved us. The joy in his eyes and the smile on his face when he saw us said it all.

There are days I long to see, sing, talk, cry or share a laugh with him again. Just to hear him say "I love you" or "I'm sicka you!!" which was his way of saying I'm proud of you with a huge I miss him dearly, but I see reminders of him daily when I read my name on something, when I look in the mirror and when I see my sister so I know he's always around I just wish I could audibly hear him or physically touch him. My career is an extension of his dream. He too was a very talented performer and singer, but it didn't go as far as he had hoped. When I was young he told my grandmother "Well, it didn't happen for me but maybe it will happen Al..." so for every degree of success I've been fortunate to have it's not just for me, it's for my father as well... When I see "Alvin Frazier" or "alvin frazier" on something, my first thought is "It's coming together daddy slowly but surely."

Through all that has happened since then the Lord has kept us as a family. Whenever I found myself turned around or lost, Jesus has always gotten me back to where I belong and for that I am thankful and ever so grateful.

Thank you for reading...

12 years ago today, I awoke to prepare for work. The morning was seemingly typical for September in Cleveland sunny, cool, clear blue skies and a slightly brisk wind. I didn't watch TV nor did I turn the radio on during my drive that day. For some reason that I can't remember I was lost in thought. Riding the elevator in the parking garage I began hearing conversations about some sort of terrorist attack. Wasn't sure what I was hearing and didn't ask, but I could see the worry on the faces of those who were having the discussion.

I arrived in my office around 8:45am and the firm was eerily quiet and no one could be found. After standing around confused for a few minuets a co-worker came to the doorway of my office to ask me had I heard what happened. I replied "I wasn't sure." She looked at me with a dead on stare and stated "You know what it is..." and walked away. That moment has always haunted me. Apparently the staff were in the main conference room watching the events on the news.

I immediately turned on my computer to watch one of the most horrific events to ever take place on American soil. The feelings of bewilderment, despair and uncertainty had never dominated my mind in such a way until that fateful morning on September 11, 2001. I can recall thinking "How we will we be able to recover from such an attack?" The country was vulnerable in a way that it had never known and many of us were afraid. So many lives lost...

In the coming weeks I watched the country embrace GOD. He was now important and relevant to this nation again. People ran to houses of worship seeking for the help and comfort of the Lord to help put the pieces of their lives back together again. A certain resilience began to take place. People were nicer, kinder as if this tragedy was actually bringing us closer together even if just for a little while.

Things were never more clearer to me of how resilient of a country we were until I went to New York for my cousin Stacie Jones Ducette's wedding that November. I wondered what would the city feel like after that. Would the mood of the people be sad & somber? Not to say that those feelings weren't present amongst some, but to my surprise I saw the city moving forward with vigor and hope for a better future. That was awe-inspiring to me and gave me the hope that we could and would recover from that heartbreaking chapter of our country's history.

To those who died on that September morning, you will never be forgotten and for those who fought to save victims of that tragedy, your heroic efforts too will never be forgotten...

October 12, 2012 was one of the most exciting days of my life. I was back in New York City to play a return engagement that night at the Sugar Bar in Manhattan which would also serve as the pre-release of my new album "A Wonderful Love". Well, what also made that day so special was that was the day my debut single "Something to Remember" officially hit the airwaves in my hometown of Cleveland OH. I was on Cloud 9 when I got a text saying it was playing on the radio!!

That wasn't the first time my music had ever played on the radio, but the fact it was the first time for anything off the new album was just as special. The station 107.3 FM WAVE and it's programming director Mark Ribbins has kept the song in constant rotation since that time and the response has been incredible. From there the song crossed seas over into the UK where it landed on the UK Soul Chart's Top 30 at #26 and eventually landed at #11 in just a few weeks!! It didn't stop there. Before long it was receiving airplay in Germany, Japan, S. Africa & Switzerland.

January 12, 2013 was probably one the biggest nights of my career and life. It would be my return to the world-renown Nighttown in my hometown of Cleveland OH after 3 years. I would be making an appearance with the largest ensemble I've had thus far as an artist, a 9-piece band; rhythm section, background vocalists and a horn section. Having the concert so close to the holidays was an extreme challenge on top of the fact I was in the studio doing the final mixes for the album to prepare it for release earlier in the week.


We worked over a week and a half period to put the show together which was no easy task. I've never been so stressed in my whole career. It was by God's grace that I didn't lose it! :-) Having a good team of like-minded people working with you is key to your success and execution of your plan. I've been blessed to have that. My musical director & bassist Hosea Harris, Jr. worked out the transitions, my chief background vocalist Will Sowell assisted me with the vocalists and my newest addition, leader of the Love & Faith Horns Frank Walton arranged the horns for the show.


The show sold out 3 days before, copies the new album arrived a day before and we were set to go. Showtime! The venue was packed over an hour before the show began. This was the highest anticipated concert of the year so far. The audience was amazing and I gave my all to them with every note I sang. The band blew them away. It was by far the best show I've ever done. I challenge myself to top myself with each far, so good. It was truly "Something to Remember" and the talk of the town in a beautiful way. Praise GOD! Now it's time to prepare to go on the road this Spring to promote this "Wonderful" album.


Hope to see you soon,



2012: What a year you were... I experienced some extreme highs and lows but through them all I never lost sight of God's hand at work even when I didn't fully understand. The abundant blessings that many see has come with many trials, travails and sacrifice. To whom much is given, much is required.

I've learned to accept this and trust that the Lord has a plan & will for me far bigger and greater that I am capable of fathoming. I know that anything worth talking about that's of any good as it relates to me is because of HIM. My confidence in the use of my gifts and talents and the fearlessness to EXECUTE them isn't because I think I'm so good, it's because HE gave me those things to impact and change the world in my own unique way and by grace one that I enjoy. God is the giver of the gifts, so my confidence and boast is not in me or my abilities, but it is in the ONE who has allowed it be so because it didn't have to be that way. I'm thankful HE chose me even when often times I feel so unworthy.

As I look ahead to 2013 I see even bigger and greater things happening. My expectations do not only lie in my professional endeavors, but in my personal and spiritual life as well. One of my prayer has always been that "Lord, the higher you take me please allow me to be mature enough to handle it and that I won't lose sight of YOU in the process...". Something we can all ponder on for a moment.

Blessings to you all & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


Hey Family,


This is my first "official" blog although I've been blogging from time to time in the "News / Journal" section of my site for the last 5 years. Let's see where do I start? This year for me has been an amazing one professionally and painful personally. The joshua Trio has been enjoying a successful run in their first residence at a venue, my new album is almost done. The new single from it is slated for release in a few weeks and I'm preparing to hit the road for some dates to promote the album soon.


I've been doing quite a bit of acting which kicked back into gear after I landed the leading male role in "The Bridge of No Return" stageplay last Fall and hasn't stopped since. I didn't realize how much I missed it (acting) until I got back into it. I've appeared in 2 short films "Crystal Teardrops" & "Proof", a television series "Crimestoppers", an internet television series "The So What". I played the lead role of "Jesus" in the stage production "He Did It For Me" back in April and preparing to participate in an urban ballet in December 2012 entitled "A Son is Given". In July I played my first engagement in the Big Apple at the Sugar Bar and I'm happy to announce I will be playing a return engagement October 12!! I cannot express how excited I am to gear up for the "Love & Faith" shows in support of the new album.


Now the difficult part... Last year in February I got a call from little sister with news that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. What a blow. I encouraged her to pray and to stay positive and strong in the mind, which she is as with most of the women in my family. I'm glad to say that although she lost her left breast, she is cancer free and her breast was re-constructed. Praise God!! I received that call on November 21, 2011. On November 23, 2011 my mom called to inform me she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. 


I knew what that meant, but I remained optimistic and encouraged mom to do the same. In late march she began radiation treatments with chemo to follow in April. She had her good and bad days, but all in all my mom was a trooper. Always had been. Later in April she came down with pneumonia and passed away a few days later. I did my best to prepare myself after her initial diagnosis, but I was heartbroken none the less when I got "the call" that she had slipped away before I could fly down to Florida to see her. Such a bittersweet time for me. Here I was, preparing for my big screen debut in "Crystal Teardrops" as it was being shown at the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival with thoughts of my mom being very ill. I had a full weekend of engagements to perform and I needed to do them so I could gather enough money for flight and other travel expenses on Monday, my birthday April 23. In the middle of that weekend on the morning of April 21 my mother, Dorothy M. Frazier left this world to be with the Lord. 

The road has and will be a difficult one as we deal with the loss of mom. My mother was strong and we too have inherited that characteristic and will continue to keep moving forward with the help of the Lord as we travel the road ahead.

In March, The joshua Trio celebrated being together 8 years with a celebration at Opus where we have performed every Sunday evening since the end of last year. These last few months have been amazing. For years I was very reluctant to take on a residency for the trio out of the fear of becoming too commonplace, but I realized that in light of preparing to enter the studio to record an album that we needed to expand our fanbase and that fans needed a place that could come to see us perform on a regular basis.

The residency at Opus has done just that, although we still play other venues and will be hitting the road this Summer we enjoy the feeling of having a "home" so-to-speak. The sound that we have as a unit is very unique and it truly sets us apart from the other bands and that was always my goal from the start when I formed this group.

8 years ago I had just recently disbanded my first group and wasn't sure what my step would be, but I knew if I formed another band it had to be different than my first one. I really wanted a more sophisticated sound and decided to try to achieve it with less people going from a 5-piece to a 3-piece. I knew it would be challenging, but with the right cats it could work.

Elijah was drumming for the first group and I already knew he had the goods for this next venture, but we needed a board player with "true jazz" chops. We found that in Derrick who I met through a former bandmate. I didn't know how in-depth he was with jazz until we ended up on a Billie Holiday tribute together and I was blown away by his authenticity to the music. I wanted desperately to become a more serious jazz player and I knew I needed to be around people who knew the music. I had a great ear for it, but I didn't have the experience that comes from playing it often. After the gig I told Derrick that I would call on him someday and I kept my promise. I had a plan, just wasn't sure what it was at the time...

Almost 2 years later the time came and I reached out to D about my vision for a trio. I was divinely given the name "Joshua" from the character in the bible. I didn't know why that was dropped in my spirit. One day I decided to open my concordance to look the name up and it's meaning "the Lord is salvation". That was all I needed to know and so it was. He agreed to come onboard and we had our first rehearsal / meeting in my sister's basement in March 2004. The best thing I could've done was to get a hold of two cats who were stronger musicians than I, because that meant I could not be lazy. I had to be, get and stay ontop of my game. That's been my philosophy with forming any band. Part of the reason I am the musician I am today is because of that.

Here we are 8 years later, still together older, wiser & stronger as a unit than we ever were. Surely, we've had our share of ups & downs, but we love each other and we are "brothers". We don't always agree, but we respect one another and I am very fortunate to share the stage with these guys. They have made me a better musician, leader & man.

Another beautiful thing about when God had His hand in something He always makes sure you're covered. Due to the fact we all have hectic schedules, sometimes we aren't all available to perform together. As the leader / spokeman for the group I still may have to take the engagement and there are times when the public may see a different line-up that would include a long-time musician / friend / collaborator and amazing keyboardist Cynethiel King and a man of many talents Damon Taylor on drums both of whom possess the same kindred spirit and sensitivity as Derrick & Elijah therefore the performances are still dynamite!!!

Here's to many more years fellas!! Happy Anniversary!!!

Ok,'s been a real long time since I've blogged or placed a journal entry on the site. I am terrible with that I know. I promise to work on that forreal, y'all. This year has been a pretty good year for me & The joshua Trio. We did quite a few gigs on the road and had a blast! I opened for The Ohio Players & Parliament / Funkadelic this past summer! What a show, what an experience! It felt good to bring the Love & Faith Experience to a stage that size! 

I've been working on finishing the sophmore album "Love & Faith: Vol. 2 A Wonderful Love". I really am almost done with it! The songs sound great. I think you all will be really pleased with results. The joshua Trio will be heading into the studio to start the group's long-awaited debut album soon.

I had a great oppotunity back in January to fly down to Spartanburg SC for a week to attend & be a part of the tech rehearsals for David E. Talbert's current stageplay production "What My Husband Doesn't Know" starring Clifton Davis, Michelle Williams, Brian White, Morris Chestnut & Ann Nesby along with a great supporting cast. It was an awesome experience. Plans are in the works for David and I to work together in the near future, so stay tuned!!!!

I also was given the awesome opportunity to open for The Ohio Players & Parliament / Funkadelic as apart of the Family Unity Day in the Park festival in July in my hometown of Cleveland OH. It was nothing short of amazing to share the stage with those acts. They have helped to shape my sound in many ways over the years through their music. It had been over a year since I did a Love & Faith Experience concert performance and the first on a stage of that size. We threw down!!! My goal: to get the message of God's goodness out & to set the pace for all the other acts to follow by getting the party started early, you hear me??!! :-) The crowd was with us from the intro until the finale, even requesting an encore!! We did all that in under 30 minutes! God is faithful. Everything that could go wrong prior to me & my band hitting the stage that 90 plus degree day did go wrong, but we pushed through it and when it came time to perform we were all in.

This year has also seen me make a return to the theater stage. I've been away from the theater for almost 8 years to focus on my career in music. I feel now is a good time re-introduce that side to the BRIDGE_POSTCARD_2.jpgworld. As I contemplated auditioning for a few things, my good friend & music partner Damon Taylor approached me about working on music production & songwriting for a few upcoming stageplays. I agreed and figured that may be the gist of what I'll be doing theater-wise until I got a call to do a reading for the leading man in a stageplay called "The Bridge of No Return" early this fall. I read for the part and got it! Very exciting to say the least. Not only was it a great script, but a great cast as well! The chemistry & energy was evident from the start and away we went!!I also ended up becoming the music supervisior for the play as well as writing & producing music for the production. Who knew?? The play is produced by Blacpanther Productions & written by Anwar Shahid who adapted the characters & story from the novel of the same name written by Stella Hall. The play stars Carla Marcelle as "Felicia Stanford", Myself as "Patrick Fitzgerald", Joe Little as "Winston Jefferson" and the supporting cast...unbelievable.

It's Me Again,

See, I told y'all I would do better. ;-) A couple of months ago my manager / business partner calls me to match calendars and to inform me about a booking in Detroit at a club called Baker's. I've been to the city quite a few times and I've never heard of the place. Where was I??? As always I do my due dilligence and research the venue only to find out that its a historical venue of sorts in the jazz music world having been in operation since 1934 making it the oldest operating jazz club in the world. Wow. World renowned the venue has hosted all the greats in jazz. Once I got word back to my band The joshua Trio we were estatic about playing this legendary club.

The day finally arrives and we're on the road heading to the Motorcity. Once we arrive in the city (considering the Kid {me} knows his way around the city alittle bit) I make a slight detour to take the guys by 2648 W. Grand Blvd. the original home of Hitsville USA aka Motown Records. The fellas had never been there before so that was my way of making the trip "official". After a brief photo session it was on to the club to set up for the show.

Pulling up to the venue and seeing the band's name on the marquee was such an experience. It made all the obstacles I faced that week leading up to the gig worth while. As usual I had my pre-show jitters. You know butterflies in the stomach, increased heart rate, etc. Lol! Anytime we play a "venue of note" as I call them there's always a sense of pressure to really do a great job. Surely, we're professionals at this but I never try to depend solely on my musical abilities to pull off a great performance. It's a must I tap into the source....GOD. I firmly believe that if I continue to turn to Him for guidance and direction, all will be well and it usually always is.

My man, jazz trumpeter Lin Rountree (who lives in Detroit) came in cool as ever and ready to blow. By the time we hit the stage at 8:58pm the place was packed. From the first tune the audience were in sync with us and I worked my charm with all I had to win them. :-) There was certainly magic in the air maybe it was because of all the legends who had graced the very stage we were standing on, the energy of the trio, the excitement of the crowd or just the Lord smiling on us yet again. Perhaps all the above.

The evening was filled with great performances and improvisations with me, the band and the audience. When we finished our final tune with those who stayed for the late set, still lively and singing along with us, the trio felt a sense of accomplishment and solidarity that comes with knowing that we gave a great show and gained new fans in a new city. To God be the glory! Real talk.

God Bless Y'all,


Hey Y'all,

Ok, I'm alittle delinquent this Summer with writing you all. Be patient I'm working on it. LOL! In June me and couple of my bandmates made the trip to Nashville for Summer NAMM (18-22) and what an experience it was. We got a chance to check out all the latest gear and meet some really cool people. My main objective was for networking and connecting with companies who's products I used or would like to use. I was even able to catch up with a few friends who relocated there. In case you didn't know I have been contemplating a move to Nashville for the past couple of years and I plan to make the move in 2011. NAMM took place during the day at the Nashville Convention Center (which my hotel was connected to) so my evenings were free and that afforded me the opportunity to really check out the city. I had performed Nashville a year earlier, but I was only there for a day then it was back on the road.

The city was everything I had heard it was, full of music and great people. On any given night you could go someplace to hear good music and for a band of muscians from out of town we loved it! From MC's to live trio's you were liable to catch all of that on the street corners before you even decided what venue you wanted to go to. How cool is that??? As I sat and talked with different people who resided in the city, old friends and new friends I discovered how transcient the city actually was. Everybody was from someplace else... I heard nothing but good things. Of course, I realize that every city has its good and bad points, but good surely outweighed the bad. As much fun as the fellas and I had a Summer NAMM, my colleagues tell me that I must make my way Anaheim, CA for Winter NAMM 2011. On to California it is..... Lord-willing.. :-) In the meantime, I am definitely looking forward to visiting and performing in the Music City really soon....

Peace & Blessings,


Hey Family,

Yes, I know it's been awhile. It's seems like I've been saying that alot lately over the past few months since I haven't been chatting with you all as often. I am working on that. Really. I want to make sure I keep my peoples aware of what's new in my world.

Life has been good along with it's share of challenges. I recently lost my dear friend, my grandmother at the end of last month. She was my best friend and biggest supporter. Constantly pushing me to pursue my dream and wouldn't except any excuses. I will sincerely miss her encouraging words and wisdom. She was a great woman and perhaps the strongest person I've ever known. Her words, stories and laughter will resonate in my heart for a lifetime...

So let's see here, The joshua Trio finally entered the studio last fall to record our EP. The session was alot of fun and I think it really got the juices flowing as far as the group sitting down to map out a full-length project. I love my joshua "brothers" Elijah Gilmore & Derrick George. We're more than a group, we're a family. Hopefully I will have more news about our album soon. The band will also be hitting the road this Summer with dates in Detroit and New York City.

My new album is still currently in the works, but nearing completion. I am very grateful to my family, friends and fans for the support and anticipation of this CD. We are planning for a possible Fall 2010 release. I believe it will exceed expectation.  My first album "Love & Faith: Volume 1" is still pushing along with 2 of the tunes being used in 2 different independent films. "Beautiful" in the film "UnEqual" and "Two of a Kind" in the film "The Hitmaker". Details are still being ironed out for the latter film in which I am slated to make a cameo appearance as well.

There are few more things I'm working on that I don't want to disclose as of yet, but they are major. This just means that you'll have to come back to find out what those are....

Peace & Love



Happy New Year Everyone!!! I can't believe it's been 3 years since this site went up (eventhough due to technical difficulties the site was off-line a few days.) For those who came by we apologize for the inconvenience. The past 3 years have been amazing for me professionally and personally as well. Sure, there have been plenty of ups and downs, highs and lows, but as we know experience is the best teacher. For the past year and a half I have been diligently working on my sophmore release "A Wonderful Love (Love & Faith: Vol. II)". I'm very excited about this album and I truly believe that it will be a breakthrough album. I anticipate releasing 2 additional projects this year: "The Heart of a Man" (my solo smooth-jazz album) & "We are Joshua" (The joshua Trio). It appears that 2010 will be a busy year for me. As always I plan to continue to raise the bar and produce quality work for my "fans" (friends as I would like to call them) to enjoy. Please continue to keep me in your prayers as I strive to sing of God's goodness and love through my unique brand of "Soul" music. Make this year a great one! Peace, Love & Blessings, alvin
Ok Y'all I know its been a minute but I'm trying to get back to my blogs again so I can keep my peoples informed on what's new with me. One of the greatest experiences I've had since being in the music business was attending the 4th Annual International Soul Music Summit in Atlanta recently. The wealth of information provided during the panel discussions were priceless and the networking opportunities were awesome. I enjoyed performing and just hanging out talking with different artists from all across the country. The world even! For me being asked to come was an even greater accomplishment being that I have a unique spin on the type of "Soul" music that I do. I am so grateful to God for the doors that He opens which allows me to reach people who just don't do the "church thing" and if so not very often. Surely its challenging at times because you just don't know how people will react to you, but what I'm doing is so much bigger than me and I realize that God is in control so I just do my part and let Him take it from there. My music and stage performance is all apart of the entertainment vehicle I use to reach the masses with my message of Love & Faith. I could say that music is my chosen career path, but its more like a divine partnership because this is definitely a ministry as well most importantly. I had the chance to meet and talk with many artists whom I admired over the years and that was really inspiring. The whole weekend was inspiring on so many different levels. Oh yeah, I saw some craziness but I refused to let it deter me from what I came there for: to perform (minister) and to network. I left Atlanta feeling energized and ready to make my dreams a reality with the Lord's help, of course. God Bless alvin
If you are looking to add elegance, style and class to your next show or event then look no further than The joshua Trio. These three men bring a wealth of professional musical experience combined with the versality to accomodate any client's needs be it weddings, receptions, private parties, corporate parties, festivals, workshops & club venues. Swing, Straight-Ahead, TOP 40, Gospel, Latin, Fusion, Neo-Soul, Funk & Acoustic the joshua trio does it all... "Authentically". The group primarily functions as a trio, but at the client's request will add a saxophonist or vocalist. The trio can also serve as a backing band for soloists looking for that special band to compliment and make that all too important performance even more special. When putting together your next event, remember that old saying "You get what you pay for..." Why work so hard to organize a great event only to cut corners on the entertainment? Contact the joshua trio for affordable, quality, mature entertainment. Today. For inquiries e-mail:
Hey Fam, I know some of you may be wondering why things have been relatively quiet around my way. Well I've been working very hard to finish up my sophmore release along with making some transitions personally and professionally. I am on hiatus so to speak, but rest assured that some great things are on the horizon. I'll keep you posted as always with any new updates. It feels strange in one sense not to be working (gigging), but I am finding time to do and think on some things I haven't been able to for a long time. Allow me to seque (seg-wa) for a moment to do some reflection. In this business of music on any level if you do this professionally is an uphill battle and you must be equipped in order to keep up and eventually win. It can be very taxing and time consuming. Many sacrafices are required, but if you love what you do and are passionate about it then it's well worth it. Generally I'd be working with management planning the next big event, scouting other acts or lining up future performances, but there comes a time in which it's neccessary to sit back for awhile and do some soulsearching, prayer and meditation as to what the next strategy plan will be. We can become so engulfed in our jobs, careers or ministries that we find ourselves communing less and less with our powersource, GOD. Could it be we stay busy as to not deal with issues we face in our personal lives? Are we really just that driven or do we hide behind our positions or stage personas? That's a question only you can answer. Every now and again I have to check myself to make sure that I am still listening to the voice of GOD and not my own. It can happen so easily and there were times when I found it was me I was hearing and not Him. At that moment I had to slow it down get refocused. I'm so thankful for His grace & mercy in which he shows along with unconditional love time and time again... Peace & Love alvin
I was looking back over my career thus far as well as reviewing my website. I am so thankful for all that God has done. It has truly been amazing. Most of the press I've received has been relegated to my work as a vocalist, but I am also an accomplished musician as well. I enjoy the Gospel and I LOVE Jazz! I get lost in it's subtle complexities. Jazz has made me a better musician and The Joshua Trio (my jazz group) gives me the opportunity to flex my skills as a bassist and guitarist along with allowing me to express my compositional skills in a different way. Music IS a universal language, but it is also a ministry tool not just through vocals but instrumentally as well. I've learned in my journey through music just how powerful music can be even when there are no words present. Your heart plays a big part in this. For those of us who are believers we should have the heart of God and if that is so it will be reflected in all that we do. No, I'm not saying you will always do the right thing all the time, but what is on the inside will be reflected on the outside. If our heart is for God then that will be evident through our words and works.
Hey Y'all, I know it's been quite a while since I've last posted anything, but as you may already know the life of a musician is a hectic one. For years I had always heard how music was a universal language, but it wasn't until the release of my first album that I actually witnessed it for myself. Being blessed to perform both here in the states and abroad and seeing the response of people who come from all different walks of life dancing and singing side by side was awe-inspiring to say the least. Being raised by a single mom when I was coming up we moved around alot so I didn't have many constants in my life, but the one constant I had then and now was music. Before I became fully aware of the awesomeness of God and his plan for my life, music was something that never let me down. I found (and still do) find joy & peace in music. I thank the Lord daily for the gift of song. One of the greatest lessons God has taught me was that although I love music with a passion, it is not my God. It can soothe me, but it can't save or deliver me. Only Jesus Christ can do that and I recognize that He is the giver of the gift. Creating great music with a message of truth is so very important to me because I don't want to just entertain people, but encourage and help them through my gift. If someone walks away from one of my shows or turns the stereo off after listening to my cd and is feeling better or more importantly desiring a closer walk with thee then I've accomplished what I set out to do and it's all good. To God be the glory!
Hey Yall, Yes, I know it's been awhile since I've written, but things have been pretty fast paced lately. So much to do with so little time. I am very grateful to be busy doing what it is I love. God has been so good to me. I watch in awe as He continually opens and closes the neccessary doors in my life so that I can grow and go to that next level. Growth is something I desire in all aspects of my life be it personally and professionally. It is so easy to get caught up in all the hype that comes along with this industry/ministry that I am in. I pray daily that the Lord keeps me humble and focused on the vision and purpose He has given me, but growing in my personal walk is just as important. This walk certainly isn't easy, but I know that if I keep my eyes on Him I can make it. Be encouraged and pray for me as I pray for you. God Bless alvin
If I had a dollar for everytime I heard the statement "When is Volume 2 coming out?" I'd have a nice piece of change saved up. It doesn't bother me or Eastbrook at all. It's a good thing actually. That means that "you" the fans have enjoyed volume 1 enough to hear what's next. Volume 2 is in the works and is slated for a Spring 2009 release. No official date has been determined as of yet. The album is about 3/4 done and I feel it will be the breakthrough album for me. In the meantime I am continuing to market and promote volume 1 while in the studio finishing up my next 2 releases. I am also in the process of recording my first solo inspirational smooth-jazz project tentatively entitled "The Heart of a Man". Eastbrook Music plans to have the album finished and ready for release by the fall of this year. Somehow in the midst of those projects myself and the other members of my jazz trio "joshua" are planning our first recording. I'll do my best to keep you abreast of the project's progress. Hey, that rhymed (smile). I certainly have my work cut out for me, but I as well as Eastbrook Music are so excited and looking forward to releasing more soul-refreshing music for you to enjoy. May the Lord bless and keep you. Until next time. Peace & Love alvin
Finally at last I've gotten around to putting up a page for my jazz group "joshua". For the past year I've been focusing very strongly on my career as a solo artist and as a result I have seen God do some major things on my behalf and still is for that matter. Initially we planned to release an album by the group first, but because of various factors and what I believe to be God's orchestration we decided to release my solo project first. That project "Love & Faith: Volume 1" is doing very well and more information about that can be found on my individual page as well as this website. Since this journey began I have learned quite a bit. One of the things I've learned is when attempting to record an album with band mates who have other obligations and projects, scheduling studio time can be a real task thus putting a halt in the recording process. We have discussed the possibilty of recording an album for quite some time and finally we are beginning to lock down some committed time to do so. What I love most about "joshua" is how different the sound is from my other work. Although I love to sing and write lyrically, I enjoy playing as well and the group gives me the opportunity to express myself in an instrumental way. So far 2008 appears to be a very busy year for myself as a solo artist as well as 1/3 of "joshua" so be sure to visit this site along with both myspace pages for the latest news and show dates! Peace & Love Your Brother alvin (1/3 joshua)
Some of you may remember when I posted a blog entitled "FM Finally" almost a year ago that talked about me receiving FM airplay over in England. Since that time I have been fortunate enough to have received FM airplay here in America as well. "I Miss You" from my album was recently placed in regular rotation on WPRS FM Praise 104.1 in Washington DC. God never ceases to amaze me with His favor. To a major artist this may be small, but for me and my organization it's another accomplishment in our grassroots promotion and marketing campaign. Call in to your local AM or FM stations and request your favorite alvin frazier song. Remember to support independent artists!!! God Bless alvin
What's up, y'all! I arrived safely back to the states on Monday evening. Much to my chagrin I was greeted by 14 degree temperatures and cloudy skies. Home sweet home. My tour of Asia which included Japan, South Korea, Diego Garcia and Singapore was an awesome experience to say the least. The culture, fashion, people and foods was such an eyeopener for us all. Every event of the tour wasn't rosey, but that's what makes the adventure of touring and the stories to be told that much better. We found plenty to laugh about. It's amazing to see how the power of music transcends language, color and culture right before your very eyes. Seeing people of many different races and backgrounds swaying and dancing to our music was a great feeling. I felt really blessed when after the shows people would approach me to express their appreciation of the message in my music. To God Be The Glory! The troops were also very appreciative of what we were doing and we enjoyed being able to bring a little taste of home to them as well. I must admit that some places were hard to leave because it was so beautiful. The last week of the tour was extremely tough due to the fact I was on a tropical paradise in 91 degree weather sitting on white sand beaches and knowing by the next week I'd be in 14 degree weather shoveling snow. LOL! What I learned about touring multiple countries is that it is definitely WORK! There were times in which I was able to relax and take in the sites, but at the end of the day I knew that the word "tour" was another name for "business trip". I managed to get some excercise in and improve my diet in terms of the type of food I ate for the most part. I had my American fixes, but since the food of the culture was healthier the more of it I ate the better my diet had become. I did gain an additional 10lbs., but anyone who's seen me in person knows it didn't hurt none (smile). Special thanks to Shelby Brown for giving me the opportunity to share my gift and music abroad "live". I am in the process of arranging my thoughts and experiences into a journal. It may be written, audio or video format we'll see. I'll keep you posted. Until next time Be Blessed, alvin
Hey It's Me Again, As always I want to take the time to thank everyone who came out to my tour kick-off concert / dinner this past weekend. Didn't we have a blast?! We ate, we grooved, we laughed, we worshiped and we danced. All this on a Saturday night and still giving God the glory all the while. The doors that God has opened for me has been unreal. I often say to myself that I don't deserve this favor that He has given. I know that I am not worthy by my own efforts, but God who is rich in mercy never ceases to amaze me. 2007 like life itself had it's ups and downs, but a lot of wonderful things happened for me last year. I was the first Christian artist to headline the world-renowned Night Town in Cleveland, Ohio. The show was a big success! Earlier that year I became the lead singer of the multiracial acapella group, Praise-apella. During my time with the group we had the chance to minister before 25, 000 people at The Fest as well as record a Christmas album together. God had it set up where I found myself in rotation in 4 different music genres in one year 3 at the same time at one point. Gospel, Christian, R & B and Smooth Jazz, a rare feat for and up and coming independent artist! Glory be to God! Along with my debut album, "Love & Faith: Volume 1", I was featured on a total of 3 albums in 2007, Tony Lee's " Speak Life" in which I wrote and produced a great tune entitled "Be Strong" the he and I performed together. I also recorded "The Perfect Gift" with Praise-apella. A great Christmas album that we followed with a series of awesome Christmas concerts. There are many more accomplishments that I can tell you the Lord did, but I'm sure you get the picture (smile). I'm not boasting in myself (I'm nothing without HIM). I'm boasting about what the Lord has done. When He gives you vision and purpose, trust and believe Him then watch Him work. How I managed to juggle a career as a solo artist, lead singer and producer in one year is truly a mystery to me and can only be attributed to a great and mighty God who surely has a plan and purpose for my life. Here we are at 2008 and the Lord is still on the case. Some great things are on the horizon. I won't mention them in detail just yet. I am still being prayerful. However, I am leaving for a tour of Japan in a few days. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. This isn't to say that I haven't come across some opposition, but this is in the Lord's hands and His will has to be done. Keep me in your prayers as I prepare for this journey. I am looking forward to bringing the message of Love & Faith to our troops as well as civillians overseas. Peace & Love Your Brother alvin
Hey It's Me Again, I know it's been a few months since I've blogged, but things have been hectic that's all. This past year for me as an artist has been truly amazing. God has showed out time and time again. So many doors and opportunities have been given. It seems unreal at times. However with all the great highs there have been some lows, but I keep reminding myself of how good the Lord has been and still is. Being thankful for what I do have as opposed to complaining about what I don't have keeps things in perspective for me. I truly believe that if God has brought me to it, He will bring me through it... 2008 is looking to be a monumental year. So many things are on the table, The House of Blues, touring in Japan and possibly Germany (still sketching out the details on that one), California & Atlanta to name a few. Not to mention expanding into a larger radio market. I am overjoyed and yet remaining prayerful. Support your independent artists! We have a message that needs to be heard. Quality music that will minister to your heart and soul. That's what I'm bringing. So SPREAD THE WORD! The Love & Faith: Experience LIVE will be coming to a city near you. Call your radio stations and request my music. I appreciate the luv! Peace & Blessings alvin
Many of you have asked "Who does your graphic designs?" Well actually, we do. Outside of music I have always enjoyed photography and I've been blessed and fortunate enough to tie that gift in with my ability to do graphic art design. Based on the comments and reviews we've received from our work, we decided to form Onda Fligh Graphic Design. Onda Fligh is basically an extension of the Graphic Arts Department of Eastbrook Music. Our team of professionals include photographers and graphic art designers. Together we create tasteful and appealing designs to suit any client. For more information please contact us at:
For those in the Cleveland area, the Love & Faith CD can be found at the following locations: CD / Game Exchange aka Record Exchange (various locations listed below) 1780 Coventry Road Cleveland Hts., OH 44118 216-321-1887 5322 Warrenville Ctr. Road Maple Hts., OH 44137 216-662-7675 20201 Van Aken Blvd. Shaker Hts., OH 44122 216-491-0805 22465 Shore Center Drive Euclid, OH 44123 216-472-0817 Nikki's Music & Video Fax 11701 Buckeye Road Cleveland, OH 44120 216-991-4034 T & L Christian Bookstore 13633 Euclid Avenue East Cleveland, OH 44112 216-541-0002 Agape Books & Cafe' 15813 Waterloo Road Cleveland, OH 44110 216-812-4463 Seekers Coffeehouse 13365 Smith Road Middleburg Hts., OH 44130 440-884-0000 The Exchange 6271 Pearl Road Parma Hts., OH 44130 440-845-0828 more locations coming soon...
Hey Y'all, I have yet another chapter to add to my majestic journey in music ministry. Along with my upcoming Love & Faith dates I will also be ministering with an acapella group called "Praise-apella". They are a wonderful group of people who love the Lord. Being apart of a non-instrumental group is a whole new thing for me, but I am excited about it and I believe God has ordained this union for this particular season. This opens a whole new window of opportunities to minister to different people. Again I look forward to the awesome things the Lord is doing in my life! Pray my strength in the Lord.
Radio as we know is an awesome entity and here in Cleveland I have been blessed to receive airplay on quite a few AM stations. FM is another story altogether, but it's all in God's timing. However I just found out that 100.4 Smooth FM in England has just recently added "Just the Way You Are" (from my album) to their playlist! Glory be to God for all the open doors this coming year!
The life of an independent artist / label is a hectic one to say the least, but I have learned that the more you know the more you grow. Doing your homework is an understatement. Like the word of God says "You must study to show yourself approved..." Having a vision along with prayer and a strategic plan is very important to any venture. I am very fortunate to have good people who are gifted at what they do to help me carry out the vision and are passionate about it. A great team of like-minded people are instrumental to your success. You can't do it alone believe me I know. I've come to understand that just because your are the visionary doesn't mean you are to handle everything. Don't get me wrong I feel that knowing all angles of your type of business is essential, but trust God to show you who to entrust certain responsibilities to.
It's two days before Christmas and instead of being out and about spending money I don't have I am designing my official website. I am very excited about this! As much as I enjoy receiving gifts for the holiday, I find myself in a different place this year. Getting tangible gifts would be nice, but I am in a place of intense prayer about receiving healing and deliverance in areas of my life that have been a hinderance. To me that's the greatest gift I could receive from the Lord this year. I pray the same for you as well. As far as the new year is concerned, I look forward to marketing & promoting the Love & Faith project. I am planning some trips coast to coast (LA & NYC) to do some promoting. Keep me in your prayers. God Bless alvin

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